We went to Boston Common to get a walking tour of the Freedom Trail.  Luckily for us, we walked by Gary as he was about to start a tour with a small group. There were 6 of us and Gary gave a terrific tour and history lesson of Boston from 1760 to 1776. He speaks with great knowledge and passion and you'd almost think he was present for the events and people he describes.

-Brenda D.  -- Yelp user


Our family loved Gary's tour, which we took last Wednesday morning. He dressed up like Paul Revere, whom I learned quite a bit about from his tour. Gary had an amazing grasp on Boston history which made us feel like we were re-living it, and patiently answered everyone's questions. I knew my nephew (10yrs) enjoyed it because he was behaving well the whole time. My favorite stops were in the Granary cemetery and Faneuil hall. We also bought a newspaper they wrote which has tons of stories and pictures about this fascinating history. I highly recommend this tour.

-Angela W. -- Yelp user


It was my first time in Boston and we decided to take a tour with them. It was a wonderful experience. We had smaller groups compared to other tour guides, which was great.  I definitely recommend it.

Khushbu P.   - Yelp user



"Just wanted to say that I purchased a guide from a costumed man on Monday the 19th. He was very informative and I have returned to Texas and have begun to read the guide. Great effort on the guide. I have just retired from teaching high school history for 40 years. Wish I had this when I was still teaching!! I will share this website with my former co-teachers. Take Care



"My name is Russell *****, and I am a 8th grade Social Studies teacher at ********  Middle School. I am currently teaching a unit on the American Revolution, and one of my students recently went on your tour and showed me a copy of the "Liberty Trail" newspaper! 

He is not willing to part ways with his copy, but I am wondering if you might be able to provide one to me for classroom usage. Next week, I am doing a simulation with "news bulletins", and I would love to have a copy of your publication to use throughout to make it more realistic. 


Russell "